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Escape SPOOKY SCHOOL with Niko and Dad!! playing Halloween Roblox games, Miss Ani-Tron teacher obby

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AHHH!! This is just like the time we ESCAPED GRANNY!!!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to your favorite gaming channel, G for Gaming! Now, we don't want you to get too scared but we have a bit of a spooky Halloween episode for you today! We got to play a bunch of fun Roblox mini games and Obbys! First up, we had to play a scary escape the school obby game! Shaun was a little bit scared because of the scary looking animatronic teacher lady! It looked like it was right out of Five Nights at Freddy's! When we first started the lights turned off in the school so it made it extra spooky with everything turning dark! Then the scary teacher came chasing us out of the darkness and Niko and Shaun had to run away before she caught them! She definitely got us a few times but Niko and dad were able to outsmart her and get away by escaping through the vent! When we kept exploring the scary school we kept finding new animatronics that were out to spook us! There was a scary chef in the cafeteria, a creepy monster duck and even these freaky wooden mannequins! Finally at the very end we got to escape on the bus and it took us to a fun area where we could play with powers and toys and stuff. Niko got on a merry-go-round and it started spinning so fast that it practically launched him into space! Next we tried an alien prison escape obby where Niko and Dad had to follow the clues to get out! We snuck around some lasers and did some crazy obby parts but then the game gltiched and so we switched a new game... A SCARY CASTLE ESCAPE OBBY!!!! Niko picked another scary game even though Shaun was scared, Niko would make sure that he didn't get to scared of course. We had to jump on the monster guards heads, get across the floor is lava obby and Niko even turned into a chicken and then Shaun got eaten by a monster chest at the same time! After we escaped the scary castle obby we went over to Roblox Pirate Island! If you haven't checked out the new updates on Pirate Island you better check it out! There are brand new potions, rainbow ghosts and even skateboards in the game now! And there are pets and babies coming soon!! You can find the game on Roblox called: "PiRATE iSLAND - A for Adley RP" Make sure you check it out and we will make sure to see you all on the next brand new G for gaming episode! Thanks for Watching, byeeeeeee PSSHHH!!!

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