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Indigo Park - Official Game Trailer

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Indigo Park is an immersive first-person exploration game that takes you on a thrilling journey through the eerie remnants of an abandoned amusement park. As the protagonist, you will step into the shoes of an adventurous soul eager to uncover the mysteries hidden within this once vibrant and lively attraction.

Explore a desolate world where time has stood still, and nature has reclaimed its territory. The amusement park, once filled with joyous laughter and cheerful music, now echoes with haunting silence and faded memories. Guided by an A.I. assistant*, help restore power to the destroyed amusement park while you avoid the reason it shut down.

Once one of the most renowned theme parks of the world, Indigo Park was suddenly shut down after a mysterious, horrific incident. Years later, in a search for nostalgia, you break into the park to explore the abandoned attractions. You may remember this place, but you'll need some help from a special A.I. friend*.

Previously the park's A.I.-driven* tour guide, Rambley the Raccoon will take over screens and other aspects of the park to communicate with you! Explore the park as you find collectables, secrets, and discover why the park was shut down, all while being guided by Rambley! Find items, solve puzzles, and restore power to the park as you run from the reason it shut down.

*Rambley, the AI character is a work of fiction, and is not utilizing actual "AI", rather stunning 2D animation and voice acting to communicate with the player.

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