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Gaming is Dying... This Is why | Video Essay

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Gaming is dying, Not in sales or in popularity but in value. There are 4 things that are eating gaming from the inside out. Games like Jedi survivor, Halo Infinite, Cyber Punk and Call of duty are examples of these issues. Not all of this is caused by the Publishers that some hate like Ubisoft or EA. However they definitely indulge into one of these and do painfully so. We have games like Call of duty cold war, Forspoken, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Overwatch 2 are more modern examples of games that have crashed and burnt due to the state of them on launch or just aren’t games made for the actual player. Gaming used to be fueled by pure passion and care even from the giants in the industry. From game series like Metal gear, elderscrolls, and Red Dead redemption being genuine examples of games made with love. Sadly this is lost in today's world with some gems existing. So let's discuss the Four Reasons gaming is dying.
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Time Stamps
0:00-1:03 - Intro
1:04-4:15 - Why This Video Exists
4:16-8:27 - The BedRock of the Video
8:28-19:05 - Greed
19:06-29:18 - Unfinished Games
29:19-34:48 - Extreme Criticism
34:49-46:06 - Lack Of Change
46:07-53:46 - I'm Hopeful for the Future

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